We’re in the depths of winter here in Lackawanna County. Plummeting temperatures and overcast skies are constant fixtures in the forecast…and with the excited buzz of the holidays firmly in the rearview mirror, you might find yourself feeling a little dreary as you prepare for the next round of snow.

This time of year is also tough on your chimney, as you’re using your fireplace more often. The fluctuation between the intense heat from the flames and the frigid air outdoors can cause temperature shock, which can then trigger deterioration – and warrant the need for chimney and fireplace repair services.

What should you do if your chimney falters in the winter? Don’t search “fireplace repair near me,” then go with the cheapest option… Rather, stick with a trusted and affordable local company that is known to provide quality results that last. Reach out to Integrity Chimney Service. We’re at a point in the season when you need your fireplace to do its job, and it’s our goal to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. Call us at 570-221-4113 or schedule an appointment online today.

Can a Chimney Be Repaired in the Winter?

It is possible to repair a chimney in the winter…but it is a bit trickier for the following reasons:

  • Roof access is more complicated. Our chimney technicians take all of the necessary safety precautions when working on rooftops, but those measures can be ineffective because of the slippery conditions created by snow and ice.
  • The days are shorter. Sunlight is an underrated factor when it comes to chimney repairs. We have to be able to see to do the job correctly, but winter brings on sunsets that arrive way before anyone is ready for the day to end. The lack of light means we have less time to work – and it’ll take us longer to complete the repair service.
  • Materials are harder to work with. Certain materials that are necessary for repairs, like mortar and sealant, are less predictable in the winter. Chilly weather can extend the curing process, and these materials can freeze if temperatures drop too low.
  • It’s harder to diagnose water damage. Water is your chimney’s biggest enemy. Your chimney problems may be the result of water damage or a leak, but it can be more difficult to determine the cause due to the presence of ice.

When Is the Best Time for Chimney Repairs? 

It’s preferable to fix damaged chimneys in warmer weather as materials will cure at a normal rate and better ensure durable results. With that in mind, the ideal time for chimney repairs is during the spring and summer months. And remember – even if your chimney seems to be functioning perfectly fine, be sure to schedule your annual chimney inspection. There may be issues that aren’t readily apparent, but it’s only a matter of time until those problems impact how your fireplace performs.

the ideal time for chimney repairs is during the spring and summer months.

Is it better to wait to have my chimney repaired? 

It’s okay to wait to schedule an appointment for repairs if your chimney technician confirms that it’s safe to continue to use your fireplace and that the problem can be addressed at a later time. However, it’s important to stress that this decision should be made with your chimney technician and you shouldn’t try to determine your chimney’s safety without an inspection conducted by a professional.

An emergency that endangers the chimney’s structural integrity should be addressed as soon as possible. If there is a sudden event – like a lightning strike or a suspected chimney fire – call us right away to book an appointment for a chimney inspection.

original infographic on ways to protect your chimney from winter damage

How Can I Protect My Chimney From Winter-Related Damage?

The best way to care for your chimney is to be proactive and take preventive measures. Here are some tips to help you protect your chimney from winter damage: 

  • Schedule your annual chimney inspection. Inspections are an essential part of a good chimney maintenance plan. It allows us to assess parts of the chimney system that are otherwise hidden, and we’re able to diagnose problems early on before they can cause significant (and expensive to address) damage.
  • Don’t forget annual chimney sweepings. When it’s cold outside, your flue will also cool down. This is the perfect environment for accelerating creosote buildup. A yearly chimney cleaning can help keep creosote at safer levels.
  • Waterproof your chimney. The first step in protecting your chimney from water damage is to have it waterproofed. At Integrity Chimney Service, we use ChimneySaver which comes with a 10-year warranty when applied by a professional.
  • Install a chimney cap. The chimney cap covers the flue opening and prevents water, animals, and debris from getting into the chimney. That said, caps aren’t helpful if they weren’t fitted correctly or have been damaged by prolonged exposure to weather. In extreme weather, caps can be dislodged and go missing. 

Need Chimney or Fireplace Repair Services? We’re Here for You

If your chimney is damaged and needs to be repaired, don’t worry. Instead, call us here at Integrity Chimney Service. While winter repairs are more complicated, our chimney technicians are trained and highly skilled. We’re here to help you all year long. Get in touch with us online or call us at 570-221-4113.