Delivering Long-Term Solutions to Your Chimney & Fireplace Problems

We could go on and on about our services and why they’re superior, but that doesn’t really help you figure out how we can solve your specific problem, does it? We’re here to meet your needs, which is why we like to figure out the issue at hand first… then go into how we can best help you resolve it.

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The Problem: A Dirty Chimney

Dirty chimneys are what lead to chimney fires, inefficiency, smoke in your living space, and a whole mess of other problems, so addressing the issue promptly is always going to be in your best interests. Clogs are often due to heavy creosote accumulation, but they could be forming from animal entry or even masonry deterioration as pieces of your clay liner fall down into your flue.

The best way to combat clogs and buildup is by scheduling annual inspections and regular chimney cleanings.

The Problem: You’re Moving

Moving is a notoriously stressful endeavor, but there is one part of the process we can take off your plate – the real estate chimney inspection. Most don’t realize that the home inspection only covers the bare minimum when it comes to your chimney, meaning a lot of hidden damages could be remaining in an otherwise seemingly fine system.

Always make sure to hire a certified sweep to perform a level 2 inspection before finalizing the sale!

The Problem: Chimney Damage

Now, chimney damage comes in all forms and levels of severity, but we’re confident in our ability to combat any issue you might be experiencing. Whether you’re experiencing masonry damage, liner-related issues, chimney leaks, a smoky system, or something else, we’ve got solutions. Our chimney repair services include:

Give us a holler today to get your next repair job scheduled.

The Problem: An Outdated Fireplace

A fireplace can enhance your home in numerous ways, but if it’s completely outdated (or even just not your style), it can bring your mood down more often than it lifts it up. Why not work with us to change all that?

We perform fireplace remodels and facelifts, doing everything we can to bring your vision to life, all within your specific budget. We’ll put in the time, energy, and patience to get the job done right, so you look forward to coming home to a cozy and comfortable hearth every single day.

The Problem: Issues With a Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are known for their convenience and easy-to-operate capabilities, but they need regular cleaning, inspections, and troubleshooting too! If your system is due for some maintenance, we can handle it.

The Problem: You Need Something New

Is the problem that you don’t have a system at all? Or maybe you’re needing an upgrade or something entirely new? We sell a wide range of fireplaces, stoves, and inserts, and we have fuel options in wood, gas, pellet, or electric. No matter you needs, wishes, or preferences, we’re certain we can find something for you to love and enjoy for the long haul.

Problem Unknown? Not a Problem For Us!

All too often, chimney-related issues aren’t especially obvious. Maybe your system isn’t heating  efficiently and you don’t know why, or you could find yourself with smoke in your living space every time you light a fire, with no clear-cut reason as to why it’s happening.

Whatever issues you’re facing, there’s only one important thing to remember – Integrity Chimney will do all we can to resolve it no matter how long it takes us.

When it comes to working safely and keeping your best interests in mind, we strive to be industry leaders, so you can bet we’ll address your problems with care, dedication, and respect – as if you were family!

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Are you wondering why use Integrity for your chimney needs? Our reputation and years of experience speak volumes about Integrity Chimney Service…trust us to know what to do for you!