Live In or Near Dunmore? Count On Integrity Chimney Service For Chimney Leak Prevention

Water can do significant damage to an unprotected chimney. If you’re worried about chimney leaks in Dunmore, Green Ridge, Scranton, Providence, Throop, Nay Aug, Keyser Valley, Dickson City, Morgan Manor, Marshwood, Olyphant, Pittston, Lake Ariel, Greentown, or anywhere else in the surrounding areas, give our crew a call today.

When it comes to maintaining your chimney and keeping it strong and healthy, leak prevention should always be made a priority. Water is one of the most damaging things your chimney can come across, but since it sits outside of the home, there’s simply no way to avoid exposure. Which is why protecting it from potential damage is such a must.

How Can We Prevent Chimney Leaks?

Now, if you already are experiencing leak-related damage, we can definitely help you out with any necessary chimney repairs. But we maintain that it’s always better to simply avoid the damage in the first place. Here’s what we can do to ensure just that.

  • Install a new chimney cap. Chimney caps play a huge role in keeping water out of your flue, so that your liner, smoke shelf, and firebox don’t end up suffering from damage. It’s a simple device that covers the chimney opening, and it’s both affordable and fairly quick for us to install. That said, it should be made from reliable materials, so it can stand the test of time.
  • Fit a new chase cover. Do you have a prefabricated system? Then a new chase cover might be in order. The one that came with your unit will do the job fine for a bit, but most aren’t made from reliable materials. You’ll want to have it replaced well before any damage can occur.
  • Repair a damaged or improperly built crown. If you’ve faced any type of crown damage, your masonry is sure to suffer until repairs can be completed, so don’t put off any necessary maintenance. Or maybe your crown just wasn’t built correctly in the first place… Regardless of the issue, we can help.
  • Waterproof your masonry. Chimney waterproofing can effectively protect your brickwork and masonry for years and years when done professionally. Since your brickwork is naturally absorbent, this service is a must when it comes to preventing water-related deterioration.

So, don’t put off the care your system deserves… Call us to your home on Drinker Street, Wheeler Avenue, Green Ridge Street, North Blakely Street, Franklin Street, Warren Street, Smith Street, Ross Street, Meade Street, Butler Street, Cherry Street, Rigg Street, Swartz Street, Thomas Drive, Clay Avenue, Delaware Street, Elmhurst Boulevard, December Drive, September Drive, July Boulevard, April Lane, or anywhere nearby today!

We’ve Got You Covered

From your fireplace doors to the very top of your chimney cap, we’ve got your system covered. If you live in or near Minooka, Taylor, Grassy Island, Chinchilla, Blakely, Jessup, Peckville, or Northern Poconos, we’d be happy to help you with any and all of your fireplace or chimney-related needs.

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