Does Your Home in Tobyhanna or Northern Poconos Need an Update? Book a Fireplace Facelift With Integrity Chimney Service

We’ve enhanced the aesthetic of many homes throughout Tobyhanna, Northern Poconos, Warnertown, Mushroom Farms, Mount Pocono, Gouldsboro, Paradise Crossing, Lake Wallenpaupack, Scranton, Greentown, Little Summit, and more with our fireplace facelift services.

There are a lot of benefits to updating the look of your fireplace with a facelift. Some include…

  • Improved Aesthetic: The most common reason for a fireplace facelift is to improve the look of your space. Your current fireplace may be old and grimy, have an outdated style, or maybe it’s just not meeting your style preferences. Whatever the case, a facelift will allow you the chance to personalize it to match your heart’s desire.
  • Increased Home Value: If you’re planning to sell your home at any point down the line, a fireplace facelift will only help in improving resale value. It’ll be one less thing future buyers have to worry about it, and it will up your chances of selling quicker too!
  • A Cleaner Look: As you operate your fireplace, it’s not uncommon for soot and smoke to cause staining on the fireplace front. And even when your system isn’t in use, it’s not uncommon for household dirt and grime to work its way into the cracks and crevices of the system, affecting its appearance significantly – and making the rest of your room look worse by association. A facelift will freshen it up better than any amount of scrubbing would.
  • Heightened Efficiency & Safety: Fireplace facelifts are typically considered more of a cosmetic improvement, rather than a functional one, but you can gain efficiency from them too. If your system is cracked or covered with gaps or holes, these pathways offer fumes and smoke easy access to your home, which not only affects efficiency, but puts your family at risk too. A facelift will cover those right up. (Just be sure any necessary chimney repairs are completed too.)

We Offer a Variety of Facelift Options

Are you sold on making this investment? Well, then it’s on to the fun part… picking out which material would best fit your space. We offer facelifts in stone, cultured stone, tile, brick, metal, and concrete, so finding something that suits your preferences shouldn’t be a problem at all.

And the best part about all of these options? Many can be applied in a range of patterns, colors, and designs. If you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to vastly improve the aesthetic of your living space, a fireplace facelift is just the way to do it.

Protect Your Investment With Our Long List of Services

Have you recently made improvements to your fireplace or chimney? Make sure you protect your investment by relying on us for all of your chimney & fireplace services.

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Our Certified Crew Is Eager to Help

If you’re investing in fireplace services, you want to be sure they’re done right, especially when the safety and aesthetic of your household depends so much on it. Fortunately for those in La Anna, Emerald Lakes, Pocono Lake, Lake Naomi Estates, Pittston, Dunmore, Clarks Summit, and many other portions of the surrounding area, our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)- certified sweeps can handle just about anything.

For quality care and unparalleled dedication, call our crew at 570-221-4113 to schedule your next upgrade.


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