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One thing we as sweeps can’t emphasize enough is the importance of keeping your chimney and fireplace protected from water-related damages. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has actually said that water is a chimney’s number one enemy… so as CSIA certified sweeps, you can bet it’s one thing we take seriously!

And a vital part of protecting your system from rain, snow, and other forms of moisture is ensuring you have a reliable chimney crown or chase cover.

What’s the Difference Between Chase Covers & Chimney Crowns?

When we group chase cover and chimney crowns together, we tend to get questions about the difference between the two… and how you know which you need. In fact, many associate chase covers more with chimney caps than crowns, so it tends to get a bit confusing. And while they all serve similar functions, there are some key differences you’ll want to note.

The main difference between chase covers and chimney crowns is the type of system they protect. They both help to direct water away from the sides of the chimney, only a crown is what sits atop a masonry system, while a chase cover is what sits atop a prefabricated (or factory-built) one.

And the reason chase covers often get lumped with chimney caps? This is likely because they are typically built from the same materials that caps are, and they cover a large portion of the chase opening. That said, they don’t cover it all, so be sure to invest in both a chase cover and a reliable chimney cap.

Stainless steel chimney chase cover on masonry chimney - two story home and trees in the background

Not Sure Where You Stand? Schedule an Inspection

Not sure if your chimney crown is built correctly? Wondering if you chase cover isn’t up to par? Our experts can help. Simply book your inspection today. We’d be happy to look things over, then make recommendations based on your specific situation.

All too often, chimney crowns weren’t built from reliable materials or don’t overhang enough, and they need to be rebuilt. Many crowns of the past were built from an unreliable mortar mix, when they should have been formed from cement-based mixture, and they should be hanging past the sides of your chimney by at least 2 inches, too. Otherwise the water will simply run right down the sides of your brickwork, warranting the need for masonry repairs down the line.

And as for chase covers, we often notice the stock covers that most prefab units come with aren’t made from the most quality materials. They wear down quickly, leaving you more vulnerable to damage down the line. We can set you up with a stainless steel or copper option, which will prove much more reliable over time.

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We always look forward to working with customers to find the best solutions to their unique needs. We’d be happy to help you figure out what you need to stay protected for years to come. Call us at 570-221-4113 or reach out to us online today!


Chimney waterproofing is a long-lasting way to help prevent messy, damaging chimney leaks. Ask our experts for more information today.