Leaky Chimney? We’ve Got to Tools & Knowledge to Locate, Repair & Prevent Water Damage

Hear a dripping in your firebox? Spotting water stains on your ceiling? Chimney cap rusted? Mortar joints deteriorating? Discoloration throughout your masonry? All of these things are clear-cut signs of water damage, and they should always be promptly addressed.

Why? Well, we’ve got a few good reasons…

1. Leak damages only get worse with time. The longer water is allowed access to your chimney system, the more time it has to break things down. And here in Lackawanna County, we’re no stranger to snowfall, freezing temps, and ice… This leads to something called the freeze/thaw process, which is extremely harmful to your chimney.

What is the freeze/thaw process? Well, your brickwork is absorbent, right? So, if it’s not protected, it’ll soak in loads of water that, come winter, freezes, expands, and causes cracking throughout your brickwork (creating lots more pathways for water to enter in the process). And when this happens multiple times per season, as is normally the case, you’ll see a lot of damage by the time spring finally rolls around again.

2. Chimney leaks affect your home’s value. As a homeowner, maintaining the value of your home is always high on the priority list. This is a big reason why those annual chimney inspections are such a necessity. That said, home care is a big job, and it takes time, dedication, and hard work to keep everything you own in tip-top shape.

Well, one easy way to ensure your masonry stays looking better for the long haul is to invest in leak repairs and prevention well before extensive damage is done to your system. That way you’ll avoid unsightly deterioration and discoloration, and you won’t have to shell out thousands for improvements down the line, either.

3. Water damage makes your system unsafe for use. Here’s the thing with chimneys… they’re good at hiding damage. While things might look just fine on the outside, there could be some serious water-related issues occurring within the flue, all of which are putting you at risk every time you light a fire. Don’t take any chances… call us to your home as soon as you can, so we can perform any necessary chimney repairs, relining work, or other troubleshooting.

Then, once everything is looking good again, we can get you set up with quality leak protection, so that you don’t face these damages again down the line.

Masonry Chimney Leak Repair white crown four flues with apartments in background

Avoid Water Damage With Preventive Measures

So, the bad news about water damage is that it’s a common issue with chimneys. The simple fact is that your chimney is going to be exposed to harsh weather from time to time because of its location, so avoiding excess moisture and leaks is something you’ll always need to be wary of.

The good news is that we’re here to ensure folks in Lake Ariel, Scranton, Moscow, Dalton, Dunmore, and more are protected from it all. Here’s all we offer to keep your chimney protected from rain, sleet, and snow with every passing year:

  • Chimney Caps: Chimney caps are essential for keeping water from entering the opening at the top of your chimney. They’re also known for their affordability, as well as serving a wide range of other purposes to keep your system safer too.
  • Chase Covers & Crown Repair: Your chimney crown or chase cover plays a major role in keeping water away from the sides of your masonry chimney or chase. That said, it needs to be built tough, made from appropriate materials, and meet appropriate measurements to do its job effectively.
  • Chimney Waterproofing: Waterproofing is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to leak prevention. This is what stops your system from soaking in water, but if it’s not done by a professional you could still face some significant risks in terms of structural integrity. Our experts will make sure it’s done right, so you can stress less.

We’ve Got You Covered

From top to bottom, we’ve got your leak-related issues covered. If you’ve spotted damage – or if you know your system isn’t as protected as it should be – reach out to our experts right away to avoid further damage. Dial 570-221-4113 now – we’ve got your back!


It’s not always easy to figure out why you’re getting smoke when you light a fire, snd that’s why we offer smoky fireplace troubleshooting and repair. Ask us about all our other chimney repair services as well.