Chimney Cap Damaged, Missing or Doing a Poor Job? Our Experts Can Help

When you’re lighting a fire in your home, the smoke, heat, and fumes need a place to go, which is why that big opening is there at the top. The only problem is… what’s to stop animals, rainwater, melted snow, and debris from easily coming into your home through this spot?

Well, unless you have a chimney cap… nothing.

Chimney caps are a vital piece of your chimney’s anatomy, serving various important functions. And the best part? They’re affordable and relatively quick to install. Just schedule a quick service, and you’ll be good to go.

What Do Chimney Caps Do?

So, what are all of these useful things chimney caps can do?

  • Chimney caps keep water out of your flue. When water is given easy access to your chimney interior, a lot of damage can occur, warranting the need for masonry repairs, relining work, and all kinds of other chimney repair services. A cap prevents all that, so you can save money and breathe easier.
  • Chimney caps block debris. Windy days can send leaves, grass clippings, small twigs, dirt, and other flying debris into your flue, where it stays put and clogs things up – meaning you’ll need a chimney cleaning sooner rather than later. With a chimney cap in place, these things don’t stand much chance of entering.
  • Chimney caps prevent animal entry. You can’t really blame birds, squirrels, and other critters for wanting to seek refuge in your sturdy, warm chimney flue. But once fires get going this setup is less ideal for both them and you. Keep outdoor creatures safer and your home better protected with a quality cap.
  • Chimney caps block downdrafts. Your damper should already be doing an effective job at keeping downdrafts out of your home, but chimney caps can help with this, too. Why not benefit from an extra layer of protection? This is especially true for homes with throat dampers – that metal-on-masonry seal isn’t always as reliable as we’d like.
  • Chimney caps prevent fires. If stray sparks and embers work their way up your chimney and land on that big pile of leaves that has accumulated on your roof, this is a recipe for disaster. Chimney caps can serve as spark arrestors – meaning they stop them dead in their tracks before any damage can be done.
  • Chimney caps save you money. Every single thing we’ve mentioned contributes to savings on your part. In the end, this is an investment that will keep a lot of money in your bank account down the line!

Why Might My Cap Face Damage?

So, why might a chimney cap need replacing? First things first, if it wasn’t professionally installed, then there’s a bigger risk of it becoming loose or disconnected later on. Along with this, improper installation can result in water leaks if all wasn’t fitted appropriately (which defeats the purpose of having a cap installed in the first place). You may also notice it’s easier for animals to tamper with and dislodge, too.

Another common reason for damage is because some chimney caps are made from unreliable materials. Investing in a model that’s formed from copper or stainless steel will always be a better bet, and it will save you money over time since these are known for lasting longer and doing their job more effectively.

All that said, sometimes damage is inevitable, even if you trusted a pro and invested in the sturdiest cap around. If you face big storms, a chimney fire, or some type of natural disaster, it’s likely the cap will become compromised. In these cases, a level 2 inspection will be warranted, during which a pro can look things over and make any necessary recommendations.

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