Our Chimney Waterproofing Products Offer Long-Lasting Protection

Looking to equip your chimney with long-lasting protection from rain and water damage? Then, it’s time to book your next waterproofing service with us. Our knowledgeable and certified crew has extensive experience when it comes to addressing and preventing leaks and water damage, and we’d be happy to ensure your masonry is set up to withstand all types of inclement weather.

Why are we so confident in our ability to help you out? Well, we use products from ChimneySaver which is a highly esteemed establishment throughout the chimney and fireplace community. Finding the most effective ways to safeguard bricks and mortar is a must in our line of work, so it’s imperative we use products that really work – and ChimneySaver never misses the mark.

ChimneySaver Water Repellent in large plastic jug

ChimneySaver Water Repellent

Water repellent sprayer spraying bricks

Water Repellent Spray on Bricks

Water beading on red bricks after sealing

Water Beading on Bricks

Why ChimneySaver?

ChimneySaver is widely used throughout the chimney industry – and there’s good reason for it.

  • Reliability: ChimneySaver is known for creating high-quality products that last for years. Waterproofing isn’t something you should have to invest in year after year. In fact, it’s more like a once-a-decade type of service (when you rely on a professional). That said, the products used need to be reliable, or you won’t get the top-notch protection your system deserves.
  • Vapor Permeability: A problem homeowner’s run into when trying to save money and do waterproofing themselves is that too many products on the market aren’t vapor-permeable. Your chimney needs to be able to breathe to function efficiently, and if it can’t, any pre-absorbed moisture won’t be able to get out – and things will continue deteriorating. ChimneySaver protects the brickwork without trapping any moisture inside.
  • Tested & Approved: ChimneySaver has been tested with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and has proven to be a product that can’t be matched in terms of protection and breathability. And it’s time-tested, too – sweeps have been using it for over three decades!
  • Long-Lasting: The products created by ChimneySaver are known to last for years and years, giving you the ability to rest easier for the long haul. In fact, many of these solutions come with a 10-year warranty (when professionally applied). That’s a full decade of peace of mind that we feel all of our customers deserve.

Why Trust a Professional?

Here’s the deal with waterproofing… Even if you find a product that checks all of the boxes, applying them with an untrained hand can still lead to issues. If anything gets missed or overlooked, you could still be vulnerable to water damage, causing all that hard work you put in to be deemed null and void.

Not to mention, any money saved on professional application (and then some) will be needed later on to address the damages you thought you were protected against. In the end, you’ll likely pay significantly more for chimney repairs than you would have for waterproofing services in the first place.

Long story short – this is one service that’s always best left to the pros. And our thorough and experienced techs are sure to get the job done right the first time.

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There’s no time to lose when it comes to chimney waterproofing. And if you’re in between burning seasons, then now’s an especially ideal time to reach out and schedule an appointment! Give us a holler today.


Installing a chimney cap is an effective and relatively inexpensive way to avoid a leaky chimney and prevent water damage to your chimney system.