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When it comes to chimney relining, stainless steel is hard to beat in terms of reliability and durability. Which is why, even though other options, like aluminum, are a lot cheaper initially, stainless steel is still the number one choice for most. In fact, many that end up going with aluminum liners end up facing damage and deterioration shortly down the line, warranting the need for chimney repairs, replacement parts, restoration work, and – you guessed it – another new liner.

When all is said and done, stainless steel is typically the more cost-effective option when you consider what you’ll save on repair costs down the line. And there are many other benefits to stainless steel liners too…

The Upsides of Choosing Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

  • They’re compatible with all fuels. No matter what type of fuel you use, stainless steel is going to work with it, which can’t be said for inferior options. This means, should you switch fuel types down the line, the type of liner you have won’t be something you have to worry about throughout the process (saving you time, stress, and money).
  • They stand the test of time. Many stainless steel liners come with a lifetime warranty when professionally installed, which make them an easy choice for those interested in longevity. And you won’t have to stress about investing in maintenance costs again any time soon.
  • They’re corrosion-resistant. Fireplaces produce a lot of toxic and corrosive byproducts, all of which need to travel up your flue, so that they don’t enter your home. Other liners can’t always stand up to these fumes, but stainless steel can, no problem.
  • They protect your chimney. Like we said, stainless steel can stand up to just about anything… which means your masonry will be protected by one of the most dependable materials available! Since gaps and cracks in your brickwork and mortar create inefficiency and safely hazards, this is definitely good news.
  • They can be insulated. Looking to minimize creosote accumulation, reduce condensation, and avoid cold downdrafts? Insulating your stainless steel liner will accomplish all three of these things. This isn’t always an option with other types of liners.
  • They’re relatively easy to install. In comparison to many other chimney services, installing stainless steel liners is fairly easy and it won’t take up a lot of your day. (Ideal for those with a crazy schedule.)

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Looking to Improve Your Chimney’s Health? We Can Help

Like we said, a reliable liner can make a big impact on the health of your chimney. But it’s not the only thing your system needs to hold up against bad weather, toxic fumes, high heat, and the like… You also need regular cleanings, annual inspections, leak prevention, and more! That’s why we’d be glad to help you out with the following chimney & fireplace services:

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