Meet The Team

Meet The Owner – Aric Waddell

Aric grew up working in a family business, learning all kinds of skills like masonry, roofing, and everything in-between. After graduating, he worked for several chimney and hearth companies over the years, fine-tuning his skills and learning from other experienced sweeps. In 2017, he decided it was time to start his own company, which is how Integrity Chimney came to be.

Aric loves the chimney and fireplace industry and has been honored to be a speaker at various industry events. When not in his office or on a roof somewhere, Aric likes to go hiking with his dogs, Tucker and Barnaby, and play basketball at the local park.

Integrity Chimney - Aric Waddell owner nice smile - wearing a hoodie with the company logo
Aric - Integrity Chimney Owner
In addition to all our professional chimney-related services, we offer our customers some financing options to help with repair, installation and other chimney system expenses. We think that’s another answer to the question “Why Integrity?