When you think of chimney maintenance you likely think of cleaning your fireplace, making sure the chimney is free of creosote, and checking to see if the bricks look okay. Of course, these are all things you should regularly be doing. However, one of the most often overlooked components of a chimney is the chimney cap. The chimney cap plays a crucial role in the working of the chimney as it provides a service to the chimney system that is necessary for maximizing the efficiency and safety of your fireplace.

So, what should be done if your chimney cap is broken down, rusted, or missing altogether?

Easy. Call a chimney technician.

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The Role of Your Chimney Cap

 Here are some of the many important roles your chimney cap plays.

✓ Rain & Moisture Protection

rain falling down on some home guttersMoisture is a major danger to a brick and mortar chimney. Masonry is a porous material that easily collects moisture and contains it within its many tiny air pockets. And once water gets in, it has a hard time escaping. This becomes a huge problem when the weather turns cooler because of something called the freeze/thaw process.

The freeze/thaw process happens when temperatures drop and trapped moisture inside your brick and mortar freezes. As it freezes the water expands, which puts immense pressure on the walls of the pocket the moisture is trapped in. This pressure causes the pockets to expand and crack. When the temperatures warm up there is now more room for moisture to build up. Eventually another freeze occurs which causes more expansion and cracking. Over time this cycle leads to erosion and deterioration that can be dangerous and costly to fix.

One of the roles your chimney cap plays is in preventing water from getting to your brick and mortar structure. This protects it from the freeze/thaw process and extends the life of your chimney.

✓ Prevention of Animal Intrusion

Another important role that your chimney cap plays is in keeping unwanted animals from making a home in the warm and dry climate of your chimney. Wildlife such as birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other critters, while cute, can block up the chimney creating a fire hazard. They can cause airflow to reverse, which forces smoke into the home instead of outside of it. They can also damage the lining of your chimney flue’s walls.

✓ Spark and Debris Prevention

As your fire burns inside, embers and sparks are sometimes able to quickly rise up and out of the chimney. Your chimney cap prevents these sparks from floating out and onto combustible materials in your roof or surrounding places. In addition to keeping sparks from getting out, it also keeps combustible debris from getting in, clogging up your flue and creating fire damage and air flow problems.

✓ Wind Downdraft Prevention

Wind moving over your chimney flue can create vacuums that force air down into the chimney. This means flue gases can’t escape how they’re supposed to. Fortunately, your chimney cap works to prevent downdrafts like this.

As an added plus, this prevents foul odors and cold breezes from coming into your home too.

Why DIY Chimney Cap Repairs Can Be Risky

There are many projects at home that can be tackled with a DIY approach. Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons that make installing your own chimney cap a poor idea.

  • a chimney with a metal chase cover and chimney capSafety Concerns: Because of where it is located, working with components on the top of your chimney is dangerous. Our professionals at Integrity Chimney are equipped to work at the highest point of your house. When weighing the cost of hiring a professional to do your installation, don’t forget the cost of medical bills that could come from a DIY misstep.
  • Complexity of Design: There are many different shapes, sizes, and designs that chimney caps come in. The installation process varies with each individual chimney system. Our professionals at Integrity Chimney are familiar with the various types of chimney caps and the way they should be installed to properly work.
  • Potential for Further Damage: Of the many jobs a chimney cap does, providing safety to your home is among the most important. Improperly installed chimney caps can actually increase risk rather than decrease it. Our professionals at Integrity Chimney know how to get it done right, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.
  • Lack of Tools and Expertise: The chimney sweeps at Integrity Chimney are fully equipped with the training, licensing, experience, expertise, and even appropriate tools necessary for a job done right. These things guarantee a job well done and the satisfaction of our clients.

In the end, every chimney is unique and every chimney cap needs a backing of knowledge to install or repair. Fortunately for those in Lackawanna County, the professionals here at Integrity Chimney are also unique in their skill level and knowledge. We approach each job with the safety of your home at the forefront of our mind. We maintain the highest standards when it comes to the equipment we use, the professionalism of our sweeps, and the components we install.

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