For most homeowners, the fireplace is the heart of the home. It’s where you’ve spent many cozy nights relaxing by the fire, and it’s the hub where everyone comes together for family events. But what happens when you get tired of looking at the same old fireplace time after time? What do you do when you’ve recently moved into a new house and the fireplace doesn’t fit the vision you have for your decor? Or perhaps you want a way to increase the house’s value before you put it on the market?

Before you pick up a sledgehammer and do something drastic, consider some other lower-cost solutions to spruce up your fireplace and give your home the aesthetic you want. If you’re in the Lackawanna County area and need help giving your fireplace a new look, call Integrity Chimney Service. We have a slew of options to give you the fireplace of your dreams. Call us at 570-221-4113 or you can request an appointment online.

Get a Fireplace Facelift

A fireplace facelift – also called fireplace remodel – is the process of updating the appearance of an existing fireplace to improve its look and functionality. A fireplace facelift can involve various changes and upgrades, like switching up materials, adding decorative features, or even reconfiguring the fireplace’s design to better fit the homeowner’s preferences and the overall feel of the room. The goal is to give the fireplace a fresh look so that it stands out as the focal point of the living space.

We know our customers have a variety of tastes, and a fireplace facelift is a chance for homeowners to tap into their creative side. Whether you lean towards a sleek modern twist, have a more traditional palette, or fall somewhere in between, Integrity Chimney Service can create a custom look for your home that is a reflection of you.

Here are some materials you can select from to remake your fireplace:

  • Stone
  • Cultured Stone
  • Tile
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Metal
infographic listing the following fireplace facing materials: stone, tile, brick, concrete, and metal

You can stick to one or two materials that fit your sense of style, or you can get eclectic with a few different materials to create unique looks and textures.

Refresh With a New Mantel

Sometimes, a fireplace facelift is an in-depth project. If you want something simpler, there are options where a simple tweak can make all the difference in the world. The mantel is a decorative and functional framework that hangs horizontally over the opening of the fireplace. Unfortunately, it can get damaged because it’s so close to open flames and it may start to appear worn down. 

When a mantel has worn out its welcome, you can try to refinish or modify it to give the fireplace a different look. Adding decorative elements, such as corbels, carvings, or a new shelf design can significantly impact the fireplace’s appearance. If that doesn’t work, Integrity Chimney Service can install a new, wood mantel that wakes up the whole room.

Upgrade Your Appliance

There may come a time when tinkering around the edges isn’t enough to give you the look you want and you opt to make a bigger investment. The idea of upgrading your appliance sounds like a lot to take on, but it can entirely remake your living space and add significant value to your home. Integrity Chimney Service is your one-stop shop – we sell and install a wide range of appliances that run on a variety of fuel sources, so your options are limitless. 

The types of appliances available to you:

  • Fireplaces: You may have a fireplace already that needs a refresh or you may need to build one from the ground up. Either way, Integrity Chimney Service is the team for you.
  • Fireplace Inserts: Inserts are a great solution if you have an existing fireplace, but you’re interested in switching fuel types. For homeowners with a masonry wood-burning fireplace that want to switch to gas or electric, we’ve got options.
  • Stoves: Stoves offer a lot more flexibility and customization. Free-standing options can be put anywhere in a home, as long as proper clearances are met. 

These appliances run on these types of fuel: wood, gas, pellet, and electric. What’s your preference?

Schedule Those Repairs You’ve Been Putting Off

Are you bored with your home’s curb appeal and how dull your chimney looks? Most functional parts of the chimney system also impact its appearance. If there’s a visible part of your chimney that is damaged or falling apart, schedule an appointment for one of our certified chimney technicians to come out. A small repair job can give your chimney the boost it has been needing.

  • Masonry Repairs: Not only is spalling brick and crumbling mortar on a chimney a safety hazard, but it makes a bad first impression on visitors. Tuckpointing is a way to restore the strength of brick and mortar and also give your masonry a new, clean look.
  • New Chimney Cap: Get rid of that old, damaged chimney cap and replace it with a new copper or stainless steel cap. You can keep water and animals out of your chimney and give it an eye-catching feature.
  • New Chase Cover: A chase cover helps redirect water away from your chimney, so it takes on a lot of water. Over the years, it can start to rust, rendering it an ineffective eyesore. Like the chimney cap, we can install a new chase cover that’s copper or stainless steel.
  • New Flashing: Flashing is installed around the chimney where its base meets the roof. This spot is particularly vulnerable to water damage. Sheets of stainless steel are layered around the chimney to prevent water from gathering in this area.

Now Is the Time to Revitalize Your Fireplace

Your fireplace should be a source of pride in your home, not shame. You don’t have to settle for a fireplace that no longer fits your needs when there are so many ways to turn it into exactly what you want. Call Integrity Chimney Service for the fireplace refresh you’ve always wanted. You can request an appointment on our website or reach out to one of our customer service representatives at 570-221-4113. We can’t wait to make your home vision a reality!