Spring has all but sprung. With it comes warm weather’s loving embrace…and the perfect opportunity to address some routine maintenance tasks around the house. Among the most crucial (and yet, frequently overlooked): the annual chimney inspection. Considering a filthy chimney is the cause of roughly 14,000 house fires every year, knowing the details and best practices of when to schedule your annual inspection – and why – will ensure you’re properly prepared.

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Why Is Spring/Summer the Best Time for Your Annual Chimney Inspection?

For many, as soon as the weather shifts and that Pennsylvania breeze becomes a bit balmy, fireplace and chimney maintenance is the last thing on their minds. After a long cold winter of regular appliance use, we can’t blame you for shifting priorities.

However, before you completely switch into “summer mode,” you should give us a call and schedule your yearly chimney inspection. Why so early? Well, actually, for a few reasons:

original infographic stating why Spring or Summer Is the Perfect Time To Schedule a chimney inspection
  • It’s the best time to remove fresh creosote and any other accumulated debris from the previous burning season. When you think about it this way, it makes sense, right? While you could put it off and wait till right before you plan to use your hearth frequently again, it’s better (and easier for us!) to have everything checked out before it has a chance to settle in and congeal. In fact, that’s why we group our chimney cleaning and inspection services together – it’s the perfect opportunity to both ensure everything is in suitable operating condition and clear from any caked on debris.
  • If we find any damage or inefficiencies, we have plenty of time to schedule repairs before the next burning season. When you schedule your annual chimney inspection earlier in the year, it gives us ample time to address concerns, repair any damages, or make other changes well before the next season of use. If you wait until closer to fall, you run the risk of missing out on relaxation time in front of the fire because we’re booked out with other appointments. Which leads us to this next point…
  • You’re sure to snag a spot in our books before our busy season resumes in the fall. It’s no surprise that as soon as those leaves begin to fall from their branches, our office starts receiving more calls. Colder weather means more time spent indoors…and more time spent indoors means more time in front of the fireplace. Naturally, as homeowners begin to dust off the cobwebs and operate their fireplaces again, they may have concerns or need emergency repairs. As a result, it’s harder for us to find time for preventive, annual maintenance jobs like chimney inspections.

Is a Chimney Sweep the Same as an Inspection?

Contrary to popular belief, no – a chimney sweep is not the same as an inspection. Both services do have a handful of similar qualities, such as their annual requirement and the general overview they provide of the whole system. However, ultimately, they are not the same and, in fact, serve two different purposes:

  • Chimney Sweep (Cleaning) – This service ensures safe and efficient future performance by removing any substances or materials that have accumulated within the entirety of the chimney system. Our techs utilize specially designed brushes and other equipment to clear as much debris as possible all the way from the firebox to the chimney cap.
  • Chimney Inspection – During an inspection, the focus is not so much on the removal of accumulated debris, but more on ensuring the structural integrity and soundness of the whole chimney/fireplace system. In many ways, a chimney inspection is like scheduling an annual physical for yourself: a way to make sure everything is as it should be.

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